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I have worked with Hamlett Environmental Technologies on several projects over many years. They represent quality manufacturers, but more important is that I know I can count on them to promptly respond if there is a problem. Hamlett Environmental Technologies has demonstrated that they truly appreciate their Customer and will be there when you need them most. Please feel free to call me, I will tell you about the Jobs and Service I have received from Hamlett Environmental Technologies.

Brad W. Roberts
Utilities Director
City of Chelsea
305 S. Main St.
Suite 100
Chelsea, Michigan 48118

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Tertiary Treatment

Cloth Media Filtration
Aqua-Aerobic Systems - http://www.aqua-aerobic.com/aquaDisk.asp

Gravity Sand Filtration
Aqua Aerobic Systems - http://www.aqua-aerobic.com/aquaABF.asp
Roberts - http://www.robertsfiltergroup.com/gravity.html
WesTech - http://www.westech-inc.com/muniwaste.cfm

Pressure Sand Filtration
Roberts - http://www.robertsfiltergroup.com/pressure.html
WesTech - http://www.westech-inc.com/muniwaste.cfm

Granular Activated Carbon Vessels
WesTech - http://www.westech-inc.com/muniwaste.cfm
Roberts - http://www.robertsfiltergroup.com/pressure.html

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