Represented Manufacturers

Turbo, positive displacement blowers and screw compressors in sound attenuating packages

Spiral heat exchangers, decanters, centrifuges, belt press, gravity belt thickeners

Check valves and Resilient seated gate valves

SBR, activated sludge processes, surface aerators, mixers, diffused aeration, tertiary cloth and sand filtration, granular sludge process, ozone disinfection 

Membrane and ceramic disk aeration, fixed biofilm and advanced biological treatment systems.

In-line and in-channel UV disinfection systems

Fixed-film biological processes and complete package systems.

Fixed-film media, nonmetallic collectors, rectangular clarifiers, grit removal, rotating scum pipes, solids vacuuming system

BioScrubber, chemical scrubber, and absorptive carbon odor control systems, corrosion resistant fans, PVC duct

Factory calibrated dissolved oxygen, suspended solids, sludge blanket, pH & ORP sensors

Engineered aluminum dome and flat covers for steel and concrete tanks

Variable frequency drives designed specifically for the water and wastewater industry

High concentration, onsite hypochlorite generation disinfection systems

Screw presses, rotary drum thickeners, Class A biosolids system, septage dewatering, dredging dewatering

Dewatering containers for sludges, vactor waste and septage. Oil separators, educator mixing systems

Specializing in water depensing and septage receiving solutions

Lagoon surface aeration equipment & packaged treatment systems

Single-stage centrifugal blowers, Dual-point aeration control

Static and rotating, coarse and fine screening equipment, rotary drum thickener

Muffin Monster grinders, coarse and fine screens, washer/compactors, septage receiving systems, fish cleaning station

Packaged Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

Screw and belt conveyors and complete materials handling systems

Prefabricated Steel Packaged 
Wastewater Treatment Systems

On-site Mixed Oxidants and Hypochlorite generation disinfection systems

Chemical metering pumps, mixers, chemical handling equipment
Knife gate valves, penstocks, fabricated sluice gates, dampers, and specialty engineered valves for industrial and municipal markets worldwide
Membrane bioreactors (MBRs), packaged or site built
Cross-linked HDPE chemical storage tanks, double wall containment safety tanks, tank accessories

Global leader in the design and

supply of expansion joints

and rubber “duck bill”

style check valves.




Modular fiberglass buildings

Pressure and gravity sand filters, package filtration equipment, filter bottoms, air scour systems, air/water backwash

Progressive cavity pumps for sludge, cake, polymer and liquid chemicals.

Digester gas handling and safety equipment

On-line/real-time analyzers for Turbidity, Chlorine, Phosphate and others

Lagoon aeration systems, lagoon process optimization, Nutrient removal

Dynablend and Polyblend brands of liquid and dry polymer blending and metering systems

Air/vaccum, ball, butterfly, check, 100% port plug valves

Headworks equipment, replacement clarifier drives, rotary distributor, IFAS system, oxidation ditch, pressure and gravity filtration, gas holding covers, digestion, forced draft aerators, flocculation, inclined plate settlers, UFand RO filtration, package systems, residuals handling